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OpenStage T
The Open Unified Communications telephones
OpenStage is a totally new generation of phones which sets the
benchmark for Open Unified Communications. These stylish devices
provide an intuitive and engaging communication experience,
incorporating innovative features. OpenStage is the prelude to a new
era of high value in people-centric communication solutions.

The OpenStage family is intuitive in functionality
and interface, integrated through
interoperability with other devices, and
multimodal to allow access to various services
and applications.
The OpenStage family is designed to be
extremely user friendly and simplify feature
implementation. Sensorial interfaces
based on advanced technology solutions
such as touch/sensor keys, embedded
color LEDs, TouchSlider for volume control
and TouchGuide navigator as well as the
large, swivel graphic color TFT display with
backlight greatly simplify user interactions.
Soft-labeled (paperless phone) touch sensor
keys can be easily programmed for specific
phone functions, line/feature access or
speed dial. An ideal solution for office
applications where mobility and flexibility
are important factors.
Fixed feature/function keys enable easy
access to frequently needed phone functions
such as Drop/Release, Call Forwarding,
Speaker and dedicated applications
such as Phonebook, Call Log/History and
Answering Machine.
OpenStage incorporates the latest developments
in leading edge acoustics to ensure
delivery of the very best voice quality on
the handset and speakerphone. A high
quality speakerphone is built in all models
as standard (exception OpenStage 10 T).
Today’s workstations frequently feature
many different device types (such as PCs,
mobile phones, PDAs, and headsets).
OpenStage has built-in interfaces (such as
USB and Bluetooth) to interwork with these
A range of innovative adapters enables
OpenStage to be aligned with specific
workplace requirements (such as connection
to add-ons, fax machines or phones).
OpenStage design highlights include variation
of materials and colors (from plastic in
ice blue or lava to high-end silver blue
metallic lacquering and brushed aluminum).

OpenStage 60 T and 80 T
OpenStage 60 T
Offers top-notch functionality and innovations,
combining a maximum of usability
with a clear, intuitive and sleek design. Its
functionality and personalization options
make this phone the first choice for
boss/secretary environments and people
interacting with other devices like mobile
phones or PDAs.
OpenStage 80 T
OpenStage 80 T has the same functional
scope as OpenStage 60 T. Premium colors,
materials and components turn this device
into an extraordinary user experience.
Interfaces for easy synchronization with
other devices like PDA and mobile phones
are specially designed with the needs of
the top level manager and executive in
• Tiltable graphical color TFT display,
320 x 240 pixel (QVGA), backlit
• Optical call alert
• Keypad
• 6 fixed function keys (partly equipped
with blue LEDs)
• 8 freely programmable soft-labeled
touch sensor keys with blue LEDs
• 6 mode keys (touch sensor keys,
illuminated) with blue or blue/white
LEDs (e.g. to start applications)
• TouchSlider for volume adjustment with
blue/white LEDs
• TouchGuide for navigation
• Hands free talking (full duplex)
• High-quality ringer tones
• Headset jack
• Bluetooth V2.0
• USB master & slave
• OpenStage Key Module
• External power supply necessary