Optipoint 500 Key Module

CODE: Optipoint-500-Key Module-Ref

Price: 24.00

(29.76 inc tax)
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The design of the optiPoint 500 telephones permits simple and rapid access to the desired
HiPath/Hicom features.
The operating principle is characterized by three dialog keys which, in conjunction with
the display, provides an interactive user prompting system.
The illuminated key concept is used to display activated functions.

OptiPoint key module
Key module for
optiPoint 500 basic,
optiPoint 500 standard and
optiPoint 500 advance.
This device allows you to program additional
features and to store numbers.
● 16 feature keys that can be assigned any
features and/or numbers (for repertory
dialing).You can program up to 30 destinations
with the Shift key.
LEDs for optically signaling the activated
functions and keys.
● Max.
● 2 key modules can be connected.
Technical data
Dimensions (H × W × D) in mm
65 × 124 × 213
Colors: arctic, manganese